Your girlfriend just told you she’s pregnant and your mind is swimming with worries and questions.

Perhaps you’re considering the option of the abortion pill but don’t have the money to pay for the cost of the procedure. PRC Grand Rapids is here to help you understand the finances behind the abortion pill and provide you with information about your options

Will my insurance pay for my girlfriend’s abortion pill?

If your girlfriend is without insurance, you may be wondering if your plan will cover the cost of her abortion pill. In short, the answer is no — your insurance will not pay for your girlfriend’s abortion pill or any other healthcare costs for that matter.

Most insurance plans will allow you to add dependent individuals to your plan; however, because you and your girlfriend are not in a legally binding relationship, she will likely not be eligible for coverage under your provider. 

Will Michigan Medicaid pay for the abortion pill? 

Michigan law prevents abortions from being publically funded under Michigan Medicaid. Additionally, private insurance plans in the state of Michigan do not include abortion as a standard coverage item.

How much will the abortion pill cost without insurance? 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering the abortion pill, you could spend at least $500 for the cost of the procedure.

It’s also recommended that you budget for any additional costs you may encounter related to your abortion, including pre-abortion screenings (medical-grade pregnancy testing, ultrasound scans, STD testing, and more), as well as any necessary follow-up appointments, medications, or surgeries in case of abortion complications.

Where can we find free pregnancy healthcare? 

PRC Grand Rapids is here to help individuals and couples facing unplanned pregnancies gain access to information about their options and affordable, quality healthcare.

We provide free, medical-grade pregnancy testing, free ultrasound scans (with some restrictions), STD/STI testing and treatment, medical referrals and resources, and options consultations to help you make an informed choice for your pregnancy!

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