If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering an abortion. It is important to remember that abortion is a medical procedure and, like any other medical procedure, you should consult a medical professional beforehand. At PRC Grand Rapids, we are dedicated to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information about abortion so you can make an informed decision for your unplanned pregnancy.

Weighing your options carefully is vitally important in the decision-making process.  Having accurate information about the viability of your pregnancy is important because it would not make sense to pay hundreds of dollars for an abortion if there is no cardiac activity (heartbeat). Having accurate information about the gestational age of your pregnancy gives you the information you need to determine if a medical abortion is even an option.

If the pregnancy is not implanted in your uterus but is in a fallopian tube (an ectopic pregnancy), the embryo could continue to grow and cause the tube to burst.  Although this is rare, it can be fatal.  Neither a surgical nor medical abortion will resolve an ectopic pregnancy – it would require emergent medical care.

We receive no financial gain from any choice you make. By having a FREE ultrasound at PRC Grand Rapids, you will be in a safe, private environment to ask your questions, become informed, sort through all the issues, and educate yourself on all of your choices. Our professional staff focuses on your health, safety, and well-being.

Abortion Procedures

Medication Abortion

The Abortion Pill is available up to 70 days (10 weeks) from the first day of your last period (LMP)

A medication abortion is a combination of two different drugs administered on two different days to end your pregnancy.  Follow-up appointments are required to determine if the abortion is complete (if everything was expelled from your uterus). If everything does not pass from your uterus, an infection could occur. The clinic will ask you to consent to a surgical abortion if the medication abortion fails.  The cramping and abdominal pain that may result from a medication abortion can also mask the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, a condition which would require you to seek emergent medical care.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Have you taken the first dose of the ABORTION PILL? Do you regret your decision and wish you could reverse the effects of the abortion pill? We are waiting to help you!

If you’ve taken the first dose of the abortion pill, it may not be too late.
Call 877-558-0333 or go to http://www.abortionpillreversal.com/

Surgical Abortion

Suction Aspiration/D & C Abortion

At 4 – 14 weeks LMP, a tool is used to scrape the uterus so the embryo and placenta can be removed through a suction tube.

D & E Surgical Abortion

At 14 – 24 weeks LMP, forceps are used to remove the fetus in small parts prior to suction because the fetus is larger.

Induction (In-Clinic Abortion)

(25wks LMP- Term) This method may take up to 4 days to complete. Initially, to ensure the fetus is no longer alive during delivery, a medicine will be injected into the fetal heart or amniotic fluid. This injection will end the fetal life. The cervix is treated for 2-3 days to prepare the deceased fetus for delivery. On the final day, the woman is given a medicine to induce labor leading to vaginal delivery. If the delivery is not successful, the provider may have to complete the abortion by performing a D&E.

References: www.abortionprocedures.com/induction/

Abortion Risks

Risks of both medical and surgical abortion include:  cramping, bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and pain.  Although rare, other risks may include:  hemorrhage (life-threatening, heavy bleeding), infection, damage to organs (tearing or puncture by abortion instruments during surgical abortion), pre-term birth in later pregnancies, and life-threatening anesthesia complications (surgical abortion).

Some women experience a range of long-term adverse psychological and emotional effects.  Some people may also be more at risk for guilt and/or depression-like symptoms if their decision to abort conflicts with their spiritual beliefs.

Again, only an ultrasound will confirm if your pregnancy is developing normally, or if it is one that is likely to end in miscarriage. Call or text now to see if you qualify for an ultrasound at no cost to you!

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