PRC Grand Rapids offers a variety of helpful resources to women who are dealing with an unintended pregnancy. All the resources we provide are completely confidential and at no cost to you because we want to ensure that you never need to worry about cost or privacy. We help you access quality, compassionate support and professional services, no matter what your financial circumstances may be. If you would like to learn more about any of the resources we offer, we encourage you to contact us today.

Medical and Community Referrals

If you need access to any services or care that we do not provide in our center, we will refer you to another resource in our community. We will ensure that you find all the help you need. Learn more about our medical and community referrals.

Material Resources During Pregnancy

PRC Grand Rapids will be there to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. We have trained patient advocates who will provide you with materials to ensure you are ready to be a parent. Learn more about the material resources we provide.

Parenting Classes

We offer valuable information on how to get yourself ready for the birth of your child and how you can be a great parent. We are always happy to help you grow as a parent and prepare to take care of your child. Learn more about our parenting classes.