It’s normal to feel scared and worried when facing an unexpected pregnancy. However, it’s important to remember those feelings are temporary and there’s help for you during this challenging time. As you decide what’s best for you and your future, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible regarding your pregnancy options — abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

While making a decision so big can feel overwhelming, the more knowledge you gather on each option, the more empowered you will be as you make your choice. PRC Grand Rapids is here to guide you on this journey and provide insight and resources to you as you learn more about your options.

Here are the important things to consider when deciding between abortion, adoption, and parenting:

What You Need to Know About Abortion

Types of Abortions

There are different options when it comes to terminating your pregnancy. Your eligibility for which type will depend on the age and developmental stage of the fetus at the time of your abortion.

The abortion pill process uses medication to end the pregnancy by cutting off the body’s production of progesterone and later causing contractions to expel the tissue from the uterus. 

While surgical abortion methods vary depending on the gestational age of the pregnancy, they each require some form of dilation or stretching of the uterus and removal of the pregnancy tissue through suctioning or scraping methods.

Side Effects and Risks of Abortion

If you’re considering abortion, it’s essential you take time to learn about the side effects and risks you may face and the precautions to take to avoid serious complications.

Whether you choose to have a medical or surgical abortion, you may experience bleeding, cramping, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, exhaustion, and weakness.

While these side effects will typically subside in days or weeks, a small amount of women experience serious health complications as a result of their abortions. Medical abortions have been associated with severe health risks, such as hemorrhaging, infections, and sepsis. Similarly, surgical abortions can cause infection, cervical tears, uterine perforation, hemorrhaging, and incomplete abortions.

Before an Abortion

We recommend scheduling an appointment to receive important screenings, including an ultrasound, STI testing, and a consultation on all your options. 

An ultrasound will reveal the age, location, and viability of your pregnancy. This information will not only provide you with further insight into your abortion options, but it will also help your doctor identify any immediate health concerns that may need to be addressed prior to scheduling your procedure.

STI testing will ensure you are not infected with a sexually transmitted infection that could spread during your abortion procedure. If you test positive for an STI, we can discuss treatment options with you. 

To schedule a free ultrasound, STI testing, and options consultation session contact PRC Grand Rapids today.

What You Need to Know About Adoption

Types of Adoptions

While choosing adoption is never easy, it can end up being an empowering and life-changing process for everyone involved. From choosing the terms of the adoption to selecting the family you will place your child with, as the birth mother you will be very much in control of the adoption journey.

The terms of your adoption can be either “open” or “closed.” Open adoption means that the birth mother can stay connected to the child and family in some way and closed adoptions occur when the birth mother chooses to forgo a continued relationship with the child.

Today, an estimated 95% of adoptions are open, with birth mothers choosing to stay in touch with the child through photos, letters, phone or video calls, or in-person meetings.

As the birth mother, you can decide what you want your adoption to look like, how and when you would like to stay in touch, and even choose a family whose vision for adoption and lifestyle matches with what you want for your child.

Before Adoption

If you’re interested in learning more about adoption, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your local pregnancy center. Here at PRC Grand Rapids, we partner with women on their adoption journeys by helping them with medical resources, providing them with information on their options, and connecting them to adoption agencies we know and trust.

What You Need to Know About Parenting

What Parenting Might Mean for You

Being pregnant at this stage in your life may not have been in the plans, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of being a wonderful parent just as you are! 

Here at PRC Grand Rapids, we know there’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario for parenting. Regardless of your situation, we’re passionate about empowering women like you with resources and support throughout their parenting journey.

If you feel as though your partner, parents, or community are not providing the support you need, PRC Grand Rapids is here to fill the gap by providing the following resources: 

  • Free confirmation pregnancy testing
  • Free options counseling with social workers, nurses, and trained volunteers
  • Referrals for Medicaid and prenatal care
  • Free maternity, baby, and toddler clothes
  • Supplemental formula and diapers
  • Referrals for employment and career development
  • Other medical, financial, and legal referrals
  • Parenting instruction

Before Parenting

If you’re considering parenting but aren’t sure what the next best step is, we recommend scheduling a visit with the staff here at PRC Grand Rapids where we will walk you through the resources available to you. We can discuss prenatal care, help you come up with a plan for telling your community about your pregnancy, and guide you through the steps you’ll need to prepare for this exciting new stage of life!

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