Jet-ski, Band-Aid, Onesies, Chapstick, Kleenex, Q-tip.  These brand names were once unique for each of these inventions, but have now become more than that.  The brand name has become the well-known product name and often is the way we refer to each of these generic items. 

The same can be true for organizations like PRC Grand Rapids.  Our center in Grand Rapids, Michigan opened its doors in 1985, but there are hundreds of Centers in the U.S. now.  What exactly do we do?  Are we all the same?  What can you expect if you call us or walk in our door for services?  Does the name give a good explanation of all that we do?  So much has changed over the past thirty-five years! 

In 1985 it wasn’t that easy to buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test.  There was also a huge need for material assistance like diapers, formula, baby clothes, maternity clothes, and other necessary baby items.  We wanted to help those who were facing unplanned pregnancies and make their situations less overwhelming and easier to manage.  We became knowledgeable about other community resources and partnered with them. 

Now, decades later, PRC Grand Rapids is still here on Cherry Street.  But as our community’s needs evolved, we were listening and looking for ways to meet those needs. 

PRC is still the first place to come if you think you might be pregnant or have just had a positive home pregnancy test and feel a little overwhelmed.  We can help you figure out what to do next.  You can be honest with us.  If you’re looking at options, we can give you up-to-date information on abortion, adoption, and parenting.  We promise your fears won’t be dismissed and we won’t pressure you.  We don’t want you to feel manipulated; after all, your decision impacts YOU the most so we want you to feel confident in your choice. 

At PRC Grand Rapids, we use ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is even viable.  Up to 20 percent of early pregnancies end in miscarriage so it’s worth taking the time for this important step.  At times we have even discovered ectopic (tubal) pregnancies so we make immediate referrals for medical care, sparing women from possible life-threatening complications.

We also stay current on local support programs and can make referrals for you. If you are worried about housing, food, continuing your education, finances, finding medical or dental care, relationship struggles, or other issues, we will help you find resources.  If you’re not sure how to pay for your medical care, we will make sure you know how to apply for Medicaid. 

As you can see, PRC Grand Rapids is now offering a lot more than just pregnancy-related services.  We hope you keep us in mind if you or a friend need any of our services in the future.  Feel free to call or text for an appointment!