Nausea & vomiting (Morning Sickness)
Make it stop!

Most women experience nausea and even vomiting in the first trimester of their pregnancy.
This is a symptom which usually can be managed, but it is difficult to navigate decision-making when you are feeling “sick.”

Give this a try

  • Have you tried a motion sickness band, otherwise known as an acupressure wrist band? You can purchase one at stores like Walmart and Target.
  • Try to eat small, frequent snacks every 2-3 hours even when you are not hungry, especially foods high in protein
  • Try peppermint or ginger flavored tea and candy like the Preggie pop drops or sour hard candies
  • Step outside to breathe in fresh air
  • Avoid the use of marijuana for both you and your baby (marijuana can intensify your nausea & vomiting)
  • Wave an alcohol swab or prep pad just under your nose to combat nausea
  • Try placing a cold compress to the back of your neck
  • Your OB/GYN may recommend an over-the-counter (non-Rx) combination to take at bedtime
    • 25 mg of Unisom AND
    • 50 mg vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

When to seek additional help

When you are experiencing excessive nausea and vomiting that prevents you from eating and drinking it may be time to seek additional help.

If vomiting continues 3-4 times daily, you are unable to keep any food/fluids down, and/or you become lightheaded and urine output decreases, please call your primary care provider or go to the emergency room to be evaluated for dehydration.

You can also talk to your provider about anti-nausea prescription medicine.

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