Did your partner recently learn she is pregnant? In that one second, your entire world changed, and you might not know what you are supposed to do. At PRC Grand Rapids, we understand that an unexpected pregnancy can be a scary, confusing and anxiety-filled time for men as well as women.  Both of you need to have a comfortable, professional environment where you feel free to discuss your situation and receive trusted information about her pregnancy and the options.

How You Can Help

When you come to our center, you will have the opportunity to discuss the many ways for you to help your partner. For now, here is some advice to benefit both of you.

Talk to Her

Take the time to have open conversations with her in which you both express your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, you should both discuss the situation together with your parents and other people who are close to you and will be impacted by your decisions about this pregnancy. You will both benefit from sharing your thoughts and feelings instead of attempting to keep them hidden inside. This will only cause stress that can burst out unexpectedly and lead to a more serious issue.

Listen to Her

You are a part of this pregnancy, but keep in mind that this situation involves more than just you. You and your partner are both responsible for making decisions for yourselves and your baby. The best thing you can do is to listen and respond to her needs.

Remain Calm

She needs your support. Although she is the one carrying the baby, you are both playing your part in this. No matter how stressed you might feel, do your best to keep your emotions under control and be respectful. You two need to work together and remain in sync during your shared pregnancy journey.

Be Honest with Her

You might have feelings of anger, frustration, and fear – that is normal, and it is okay. While you should do your best not to add to her stress, you should still be honest with her. She is also likely facing her share of challenging feelings, so she will be grateful when you remind her she is not alone in this.

STD Testing for Men

Our professional medical staff provides STD testing for both men and women.  We test for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, as well as assess and treat male clients for trichomonas when indicated.  We will also evaluate bumps, sores or warts for diagnosis, treatment, or referral.