During pregnancy a lot changes, and one of those things is how difficult tasks are. You may be less motivated and more tired, making it harder to do things that you used to love to do. Here are a couple of hobbies that are fun and easy, even when you’re pregnant.

#1: Gardening

Fresh air is good for you, and fresh produce is even better! While you may think that you can only start a garden if you have a big yard, the opposite is very much true. You can garden in the smallest outdoor space, even a simple little patio. Herbs and peppers are extremely easy to grow in small spaces, and they have only basic care needs.

#2: Houseplants

Along a very similar line as gardening is having houseplants, and you can choose which type of plant you want based on the level of care you want to commit to. If you want something that you need to only tend to once in a while, succulents or bamboo might be right for you. If you are up to the challenges, consider getting a fiddle leaf tree or a bird of paradise plant. 

#3: Journaling

Pregnancy can go by so quickly, and once your baby is born, you’ll start to forget little quirks about the past nine months. Journaling is a good way to destress and process emotions, but it can also serve as a reminder to your future self about all the small moments of pregnancy. 

#4: Painting or drawing

Painting, drawing or any other artistic activity requires you to slow down, which is good during pregnancy. It can act as a good outlet for stress, or a space for you to be creative and patient. You can choose to follow tutorials online, or just make it up as you go!

#5: Sourdough Bread Baking

Sourdough became really popular during the pandemic, but it still remains a really fun hobby for people to pick up. It can sometimes be difficult to get your hands on a sourdough starter, but you can buy one or make your own if you feel ambitious. Sourdough bread is easy once you get the hang of it, and if you are up for a challenge, you can even learn to flavor your bread with fun ingredients like cheese or different seasonings. 

#6: Reading

Sometimes reading a book can make you feel like a kid again trying to get in their reading minutes. But reading is actually such a good activity for anyone to partake in. Not only are there so many brain benefits to reading (like expanding your vocabulary) it can also remind you to slow down and forget about any pregnancy anxieties. 

#7: Embroidery 

Embroidery is starting to get popular again, and for good reason! It’s easy, requires minimal tools, and super inexpensive to start. Take your embroidery projects to the park for the added benefit of fresh air and outdoor time. 

#8: Playing cards

So this one requires you to have at least one other person with you (unless you want to play endless games of solitaire). Cards are a generational connection in America, and there is always someone who can teach you a new game. Also, a deck of cards is easy to slip into your purse if you are looking for something to take with you to pass the time. Some possible games to try are cribbage, rummy, Canadian salad or Durak. 

#9: Cooking

You may not have the stomach to pick up cooking during the first trimester, but it is a great hobby to have later in pregnancy. Learning the basics of cooking will open up the door for you to cook so many new and fun dishes! Plus, if you get good at cooking, you can even make yourself some meals to freeze and cook when the baby comes. 

#10: Walking

Walking is a good hobby to pick up during pregnancy, especially because you are limited on what you can do for exercise during the last months. Plus, picking up a daily walk now will give you more motivation later to pack your baby in the stroller and continue walking when the baby is born. Take new paths around your neighborhood, or if there is a scenic lake, mountain or trail you want to walk by, get in the car and drive to it!

There are so many hobbies you can continue to do – and even start – during your pregnancy, you just have to get creative sometimes! Picking hobbies you think you want to continue after the baby is born might be a good idea as you are deciding what you want to do.  Self-care is important, even when you have a new little one to care for. So be sure you are prioritizing yourself and your interests during this time as well.