Ultrasound can also determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy.  Up to 20 out of 1000 pregnancies are ectopic (Mayo Clinic, 2012).  According to the ACOG, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants somewhere outside of the uterus.  This type of pregnancy cannot survive and may cause damage to the surrounding maternal tissue (Mayo Clinic, 2012).  Ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening due to internal bleeding (ACOG FAQ 155).

Ultrasound is part of the early detection of both miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy failure (ACOG FAQ155 and FAQ090)  If your pregnancy is found to be abnormal through an ultrasound, you will be referred to care through a doctor’s office or emergency room.  Before going to an abortion clinic, seek more information about how your pregnancy is progressing by a free ultrasound at the PRC!