When Amanda finally had the courage to look at the pregnancy test sitting next to the bathroom sink, she was devastated to see two lines.  There was no way to stay in denial any longer.  That nausea and extreme fatigue she had been feeling could have just been the flu.  Right?  Wrong.  She had known all along the possibility of a pregnancy was very real.

At least I’m pretty early, she reasoned.  I will just find an abortion clinic and get the abortion pill.  She happened to walk into PRC Grand Rapids to see if they could schedule an abortion for her as soon as possible.

When she heard the receptionist tell her that the PRC does not perform abortions but could help her gather information she would need BEFORE scheduling an abortion, she wanted to walk out.  But it made sense to her.  Why pay for an abortion if she might miscarry?  Why go through the emotional and physical pain of abortion when up to 20% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage?  She didn’t know if she really believed it, but decided to have the ultrasound just in case it were really true.

Amanda met with a client services advocate who, true to their word, did not pressure her and actually listened to her very real concerns about continuing this pregnancy.  And as they looked at the screen during her ultrasound, it was obvious.  She knew they were looking for a heartbeat and there was no motion at all on the screen.  She knew it even before the tech explained what she was seeing.  The tech explained that the medical director (an OB/GYN) would look at the pictures and the report would be coming soon, but it looked like this was not a viable pregnancy.  Additional information and a referral was given to Amanda so she knew exactly what to do next.

As she left, she had mixed emotions.  She realized she was kind of relieved. But also a little sad.  Her advocate told her she could return if she wanted to talk or even have a referral for counseling if that was needed.  She knew she didn’t feel alone though.  She knew she had made the right decision and that felt good.

The details and names in the above story are not true, of course, since confidentiality is very important to us at the PRC.  But this scenario is very common when we perform ultrasounds for people who are considering abortion as an option.  We will promise that, as “Amanda” was treated in the story, we will treat you respectfully and professionally as you attempt to make a decision about a pregnancy.