“I’m pregnant.”

Recommendations for telling your parents

After confirming your pregnancy with a positive test and ultrasound, you may experience anxiety and fear about how to tell your parents.

You get to choose what you do next, that is true; however, telling those who know you best is for your benefit.
PRC has put together a road map for you to use even in difficult situations.

Step one: organize a time & place
You can be the one to suggest when and where. Try asking:
“Do you have some uninterrupted time we can talk about something important?”

“Can I meet you and Dad for coffee tomorrow? I need to talk to you.”
Depending on your relationship with your partner, you can talk with your parents alone or with your partner.

Step two: name and clarify your situation
It is okay to be afraid to share “I am pregnant & I haven’t decided what to do.”
You can name clearly the main point: “ I am pregnant”
Without having all the details figured out: “I haven’t decided what to do”

Step three: to support or not to support

  • Having realistic expectations includes giving others time to digest the news.
  • Doubt and criticism can flare up, but sharing is essential to get you unstuck in your decision making
  • Don’t forget, each person you are sharing your news with was once your age
  • Take courage knowing you are taking responsibility for your actions and words right now

Step four: be ready with a few pre-planned phrases
When the response is: “Who is the father?”

  • You can say: “Please think about why I may have shared this news with you.”

When the response is: NO RESPONSE

  • You can say, “I can give you some time and space to think about what I have shared.”
  • When the response is: “I am so disappointed or how can you let this happen?”
  • You can say, “I am not asking for your approval. I am asking for you to please listen.”

When to end the conversation
Non-negotiables are what you do not have to accept
When to end the conversation and physically leave the room


  • Threats toward you
  • Intimidation by smashing things
  • Violence, name calling
  • Blaming and shaming
  • Any type of physical harm or controlling intimidation

In immediate danger? Call 911
Need a safety plan? Call Safe Haven 24/7: 616-452-6664
You are not alone! Suicide Hotline: Call 988

Need to verify your pregnancy?
Call PRC to schedule a free pregnancy test today: 616-456-6873