Pregnant Student Rights

Did you know you have rights as a pregnant student? Take a look at the True/False statements below and see if any of these facts surprise you.

Pregnant students are a liability on campus. You have to move out of your dorm during your second or third trimester of pregnancy. [FALSE]

A professor can give a pregnant student a zero for class work or exams missed during her childbirth and recovery. [FALSE]

Pregnant students cannot have their academic or athletic scholarships revoked due to pregnancy or be subject to penalty regarding any other type of financial aid. [TRUE]

It’s difficult enough for you to be in an unplanned pregnancy, possibly trying to decide between abortion, adoption, or parenting, without the extra pressure of thinking that you might have to drop out of school or lose your scholarship. Thanks to Title IX, you don’t have to worry about that pressure!

What is Title IX?

The purpose of education is to equip and empower students to achieve their dreams and contribute meaningfully to society. Schools should help students, no matter their stage of life! Pregnant and parenting students deserve a supportive, empowering community on their campus, whether they are in high school or in college.

Title IX was enacted in 1972 to protect women from sex discrimination and has been applied to ensure that any school (high school or college) that receives federal funding cannot discriminate against students who are pregnant or parenting. Knowing your rights will give you the freedom to truly make a choice regarding your pregnancy and prevents anyone from pressuring you into one particular option.

It is important for you to become informed on your rights. You should never have to choose between your child and your education!

Unplanned Pregnancy When You're a Student Bill of rights