Pregnant and have an IUD? Do not experiment with your body or your health; here is what you need to know.

Can I get pregnant with an IUD?

Answer: Less than one percent per year of users become pregnant; however, no form of birth control is 100 percent effective. The first step is to determine if your pregnancy is viable and rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

Did you know the hormonal IUD releases progestin to prevent pregnancy? This comes with some common side effects like headache, breast tenderness, cramping, or some irregular bleeding.

I am having a medical abortion; what should I do about my IUD?

Answer: Mayo Clinic clearly states to contact your health care provider in this case, as “Medical abortion is not an option for you if you currently have an IUD in place.” 

What is the best website for abortion pill information and buying theabortion pill?

Answer: Do not rely on a virtual provider or website from the internet to consume medication.

If you are not offered face-to-face follow-up visits to your provider or do not have access to emergency care, medical abortion should not be an option for you.

Now it’s your turn-We have a question for you.

Why does an IUD not give protection for during sex?

Answer: An IUD cannot prevent or protect against an STI.

If you think you may have an STI or you may be pregnant, talk to the medical staff at PRC.
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