Weighing your options carefully is vitally important in the decision making process.  Having accurate information about the viability of your pregnancy is important because it would not make sense to pay hundreds of dollars for an abortion if there is no cardiac activity (heartbeat) Having accurate information about the gestational age of your pregnancy gives you the information you need to determine if a medical abortion is even an option.

If the pregnancy is not implanted in your uterus but implanted in a fallopian tube, (an ectopic pregnancy) the embryo could continue to grow and cause the tube to burst.  Although this is rare, it can be fatal.  Neither a surgical nor medical abortion will resolve an ectopic pregnancy – it would require emergent medical care.

Only an ultrasound will provide you with the most accurate information regarding all of these important factors. 
We make no money from any choice you make.  By having a FREE ultrasound at the PRC, you will have a safe, private environment to ask your questions, become informed, sort through all the issues, and educate yourself on all of your options.  Our professional staff focuses on your health, safety, and well-being.