My Choices

The pregnancy test is positive – suddenly you feel scared and overwhelmed. It can be difficult to make decisions when you feel like your life is spinning out of control. At the Pregnancy Resource Center, you won’t find anyone judging you or telling you what to decide.

The PRC is trusted by women who are considering abortion or are already scheduled for an abortion and want information on whether they are carrying a viable pregnancy or if it is a pregnancy that could end in a miscarriage.  The PRC supports informed consent and a woman’s right to accurate information about abortion procedures before she makes a choice.  All of our services are provided FREE of charge in a confidential, private, and caring environment.

Have an Abortion

You can have an abortion which means ending your pregnancy.  Approximately 20% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage, so we offer free ultrasounds to patients who qualify.  We are able to check for cardiac activity (heart beat) and look for appropriate development of the pregnancy before you pay for an abortion.  Click here to learn more about abortion.

Parent Your Child

The PRC is also trusted by women who are excited to find out they are pregnant but need resources and referrals to support them in bringing a healthy baby into their family.

We can connect you with medical, material, and career resources so you have the support you need to have your baby and parent your child. Click here to learn more about parenting your child.

Make an Adoption Plan

You can make an adoption plan to place your baby in a loving home of your choice.  You can decide how much contact (if any) you want to have with your child.  You can give your child opportunities that perhaps you would not be able to provide, but still be involved in his or her life if you choose to be. Click here to learn more about adoption.