My Partner Wants an Abortion

Finding out your partner is pregnant can cause fear and worry, and thinking through the options can be overwhelming. The conversation surrounding abortion is almost exclusively discussed from a women’s point of view, leaving little room for the voice of...Continued

What Is Open Adoption?

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you are no doubt wondering what to do next. Your situation is unique to you, and only you know what's best for your future. We want you to know there are options, and...Continued

7 Pregnancy Symptoms

The human body is continuously changing to adapt to our surroundings and circumstances. We get achy joints due to a change in weather, bloating from something we ate last night, headaches caused by stress, and the list goes on.  Our...Continued

Can I Buy Abortion Pills Online?

You may have heard of a telemedicine-style abortion project now active in thirteen states, especially since the coronavirus has limited in-person clinic and doctor visits.  This research study allows women to receive abortion pills through the mail without first having...Continued

Abortion During a Pandemic

COVID-19 Pregnancies and Abortion Even in the best of times an unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of fear, ambivalence, anxiety, or sometimes sheer panic!  And now, here you are, unexpectedly pregnant during a time of worldwide crisis.  Our hope is...Continued

PRC Grand Rapids: What’s in a Name?

Jet-ski, Band-Aid, Onesies, Chapstick, Kleenex, Q-tip.  These brand names were once unique for each of these inventions, but have now become more than that.  The brand name has become the well-known product name and often is the way we refer...Continued