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Why schedule an Ultrasound before abortion?

When Amanda finally had the courage to look at the pregnancy test sitting next to the  bathroom sink, she was devastated to see two lines.  There was no way to stay in denial any longer.  That nausea and extreme fatigue she had been feeling could have just been the flu.  Right?  Wrong.  She had known… Read more »

How far along am I really?

Pregnancy dating can be confusing and for many reasons you may want to know exactly how far along you are.  You may be considering abortion or checking out abortion alternatives.  Dating a pregnancy is also important at times when talking with the father of the baby.  He may want to know that the dates make… Read more »

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (EC) is intended to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.  Two types of EC are Plan B One-Step and Ella. Plan B One Step is a single pill that contains a large amount of a progestin hormone found in some birth control pills.  Plan B is taken within 72 hours of… Read more »

I really don’t think I have an STD

“I really don’t think I have an STD … but I’m not absolutely sure.” Well, are you: Feeling great!?  No symptoms!? Many individuals with an STI feel great and don’t have symptoms. Don’t be fooled. Confident about your partner?   What DO you know about your partner?  Their sexual history?  Have you asked?   No… Read more »


What is a miscarriage?  Miscarriage is a spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week.  Approximately 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, however the actual number could be much higher because many pregnancy losses occur before a woman even knows she is pregnant (Mayo Clinic, 2013).  In 2008, the United States CDC reported that… Read more »

Accuracy of Ultrasound in Dating your Pregnancy

An ultrasound can help you determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.  Before you consider abortion or seek an abortion clinic, it is important to know how many weeks pregnant you are (the gestational age).  Even when you can remember when your last menstrual period began, ultrasound can still be more accurate than relying on… Read more »

Ultrasounds, Ectopic pregnancy, and Abortion

Ultrasound can also determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy.  Up to 20 out of 1000 pregnancies are ectopic (Mayo Clinic, 2012).  According to the ACOG, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants somewhere outside of the uterus.  This type of pregnancy cannot survive and may cause damage to the surrounding maternal tissue… Read more »