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How far along am I really?

Pregnancy dating can be confusing and for many reasons you may want to know exactly how far along you are.  You may be considering abortion or checking out abortion alternatives.  Dating a pregnancy is also important at times when talking with the father of the baby.  He may want to know that the dates make… Read more »


Some women who have had an abortion feel as if they are all alone.  However, 33% of American women have had an abortion.  Not many of these women ever talk about their abortion.  Professional counselors have discovered that many women who’ve had an abortion are unable to process painful thoughts and emotions that arise from… Read more »

Women’s Clinics and Community Resources

Here are some women’s clinics in Grand Rapids that may be able to help you, depending on your need. Clinica Santa Maria 616-685-8400 (730 Grandville Ave SW) The women’s clinic at Clinica Santa Maria provides obstetrical and gynecological healthcare for the underserved, uninsured, homeless, and migrant workers.  There are eight healthcare providers and several specialists… Read more »