COVID-19 Pregnancies and Abortion

Even in the best of times an unplanned pregnancy can bring feelings of fear, ambivalence, anxiety, or sometimes sheer panic!  And now, here you are, unexpectedly pregnant during a time of worldwide crisis. 

Our hope is that PRC Grand Rapids can help you take a deep breath and consider your options, to get all of the information you need to make that very important decision.  This decision is critically important and will affect the rest of your life, one way or another.   This is your decision to make and we don’t want you to feel manipulated by anyone with their own agenda. 

It might be even scarier for you to see that some states are arguing over whether or not their abortion clinics should be in business during this time.  You might feel unnecessarily rushed into a decision when you REALLY need more time to think. 

Maybe you’re suddenly unemployed due to COVID-19 and you’re wondering what the future will bring.  If you’ve been able to stay employed right now, will you have the finances to support a child?  What will childcare look like in the next year or two?  

We know, these are unsettling times.  But good decisions are rarely made when you feel rushed or when emotions are out of control.  As difficult as this may be, take a little time to think things through.

Free Ultrasounds Prior to Abortion

One way we can help is by offering you a free ultrasound.  An ultrasound is needed to verify how far along you are in your pregnancy, to check the placement of the pregnancy and make sure you do not have an ectopic pregnancy, and to determine if this is even a viable pregnancy (one that is likely to continue). 

About 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage and 80 percent of those are in the first trimester.  Also, if you’re considering a medical abortion (the “abortion pill”), you will need to know that you are less than ten weeks pregnant. 

PRC Grand Rapids

We have information on all of the abortion procedures and will stay up-to-date on any restrictions on your access to abortion, the different types of adoption, and what assistance is available to you if you choose to parent.  PRC Grand Rapids doesn’t benefit from your choice, financially or otherwise, so we are able to be impartial in helping you gather the information needed on each of your options. 

Schedule a Free Appointment

We want you to feel empowered, not desperate, as you make this very important decision. Contact us. We’re here to talk with you.  Call or text to talk about how we can help!